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remote control and automation systems

Automation for your new or existing garage door

remote controlled garage doors

Remote controlled garage doors

We offer a wide range of remotes that are perfect for allowing you to have excellent automated garage doors. Whether you want to replace an old one or upgrade to a more stylish design, we will find the right garage door remote for you.
As well as remote controls we also offer push buttons that can be added to any electric garage door. This then allows you to have a static button in your house or car.
We can also install key switches if many different users need access to your garage door. A simple key is used to open and close the door, maintaining ease of use and optimum security.

Automate your garage door with Parkamatic Garage Doors today. They can be controlled by the push of a button, giving you quick and easy access to your garage
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Automatic gates for your home or business

Upgrade the look of your home or business with the installation of automated gates. We can design, supply and install a wide range of automated gates, great for improving the look and security of your property.
Our service includes a full risk assessment and health and safety checks as standard outlining those potential crushing, cutting, shearing and dragging hazards and danger areas, plus address any concerns you may have to ensure that the gate automation process meets the requirements of both the customer and all current legislation. Get in touch today.
automated garage doors and gates
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